Pre-employment assessments – Improving your hiring process

What are Pre-employment assessments?

Pre-employment assessments are standardised tests that assess the skills of potential candidates for an open role. These tests include a variety of psychometric testing, such as verbal, numerical, logical, and diagrammatic reasoning, to tailored situational judgement assessments and personality tests.

Including pre-employment assessments as part of your hiring process can streamline your prospective talent pool and ensure you make the best hiring decisions.

How do they work?

Candidates are presented with the same questions, in the same format to complete within a given time frame. Once the candidates have completed their test online – candidate scores are compiled, analysed and compared to highlight the strongest and weakest in each area. This provides clear data to make evidence-informed decisions on the perfect candidate for the open role.

Personality Profiling

Personality tests bring structure to interviews with suggested questions to help you gain a deeper understanding of the candidate’s relevant experiences and characteristics such as leadership ability, selling style, coaching and development skills, team fit, and approach.

They are also used to determine whether a candidate is a culture fit – shares the ethics and behavioural values that encompasses the organisation.

employment assessments

Job surveys 

Job Survey’s consists of 21 sets of 4 words or phrases that asks the respondent to rank them in order of most descriptive to least descriptive in relation to what is required for a role.  

The result of the Job Survey is an ideal personality profile for a position that can be used as a benchmark for comparisons against candidates. The accompanying report will notify you if your choices are contradictory and allow you to adjust accordingly.  

And when multiple people complete the Job Survey, comparing the results will highlight any discrepancies in team members’ expectations and force a discussion on what is best for the role. 

Once you have the outline cut out for your perfect new team member, it’s time to find some people who will fit it. Like any good piece of content, you want the job description to resonate with your reader. You want your ideal candidates to read it and feel compelled to apply. You can use language right out of the Job Survey Report to help you do so! And just to make sure you have the right applicants, the report includes resume screening tips and behavioural based interview questions for your phone screening process. 

Completing the Job Survey takes just ten to fifteen minutes and provides you a picture of your ideal team member that is both consistent and cohesive. Using this profile in your recruitment process increases your hiring accuracy. 

Using Pre-employment Assessment Tests for Hiring Talent

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