Clean up your social media accounts – Job Search Top Tips

In this day and age, you can’t hide under a rock or bury your head in the sand – we all have an online presence – yes, we’re talking about social media…   

Future employers check your social media accounts – it’s not a myth

In a recent, study around 30% of employers reject candidates because they found something about them online. (Yikes!) This is why we created a list of social media cleaning tips. Don’t lose a job offer because you forgot to remove those images from that Ibiza holiday from your youth. (you know the ones we’re referring to)  

Google yourself 

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Find out how much dirt you’ve left all over the Internet. Google is the new god – google knows all. You would be surprised what search results might turn up. (Like that high school talent show video of you and your besties singing I am a survivor)   

Delete, delete, delete

delete old social media posts

Go back in time and clean up as many of those incriminating photos and rant status updated as you can. You want your social media to showcase who you are now, not who you used to be.  

Don’t forget the comments  

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It’s not just your old posts that need to be gone through—it’s the comments too. Remove anything not suitable for work or could be considered offensive. Tell your friends and relatives you’re in the process of job searching to avoid any mishaps.  

Check your settings on social media accounts  

Make sure your settings where necessary is set to private for example on Facebook you can control who sees your full profile, set confirmation notifications for tagged posts etc…  

A picture is worth a thousand words 

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Make sure all yours say something positive about you. If your images on your social media account are unprofessional, remove or set them to private.  

Make sure your LinkedIn and social media accounts are up to date  

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date, including a recent professional photo and current job information. Use of all the profile sections such as skills and endorsements, the about section, and accomplishments.  

Be active on LinkedIn, share content, comment on posts, and write your own articles. All of these things will look good to recruiters and hiring managers, as it shows you’re engaged in learning and you’re staying on top of current trends and news in your industry.  

Your social media presence is essentially your personal brand, it has the possibility to help or hinder your chances of getting a job (we’ll not mention the Oscars ‘incident’) By spring cleaning you’re accounts you’re ensuring that it will give you the best chances.  

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