Virtual Onboarding – Best practices and tips


Remote interviewing is one thing, but virtually onboarding and integrating a new hire into a team is a whole different ball game, especially if this is completely new to you.

You start before they start

So, you’ve made an offer which the candidate has accepted, and you’ve set a start date. Job done! Time to kick back until their first day. Well, not quite…

onboarding new hire

Once a candidate has accepted your offer, you need to make every effort to support them prior to their first day. You want them to feel excited about their new role, and you don’t want their first week to be clogged up with technical issues and time-consuming admin tasks.

Make admin easy when onboarding new employees

There’s no getting around the fact that employment contracts and other legal documents have to be signed, but try to make this process as smooth as possible. Instead of asking new hires to print, scan and post them, try integrating tools like DocuSign or integrate an LMS system into your hiring process.

Ensure that IT is properly set up


Coordinate with your IT team right away to make sure your new hire receives all the right equipment and software access that they need well ahead of their first day. If they will be using their own equipment, you will still need to ensure that you provide information on computer security guidelines and instructions for setting up their workstation.

Keep them engaged

Keeping a new hire engaged prior to their start date will always be important, but in the current climate it is essential that you provide a sense of security and support. In addition to any IT equipment, send a welcome pack including an employee handbook and any other important information about your company culture and values. Make it personal by including video messages from the CEO, a manager, or co-workers welcoming them to the company and expressing how excited they are for them to join.


A common onboarding practise is to provide gifts such as a branded coffee cup and t-shirt or a gift card. This is often done on a new hire’s first day, but it might make sense to send this along with their new tech equipment.

Secure your top candidate

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